Sunday, May 31, 2009


...I do have a pulse. Just not a very strong one right now.

Here's where I've been:

Wednesday night after closing I went in to do all the taping in the rooms I planned to paint over the next few days. Got to bed at 4:30 am.

Thursday at 9 am I was back in the house painting. Went to bed at 2:30 am.
Friday morning at 7:30 am was back to let in the blinds guy, Verizon guy, and take reciept of my POD. Oh, yeah and paint some more.

Saturday, Mark was back from the boat and ordered me to sleep in. In fact I didn't have to lift a darn thing out of that POD. I've done plenty of lifting since, though - don't worry.

Sunday. I painted. Then went and ate dinner. I'm now blogging... I should be unpacking - or moving furniture into my bedroom... but I'm blogging.

Here is some photo documentationess:
The B-rox and Kenny hiding in the master bath shower. They thought it was hilarious. Oh, and Go Navy!!! Beat Army!!!!

Kenny doing a little downward dog. Namaste.
The painting of the kitchen.
The main floor powder room.

Kieran's room is on the Left and Braxton's room is on the right. A (as soon as we get the decal's) space bedroom and pirate bedroom, respectively. Oh- and Braxton chose that color. It's called gamma sector green. Go buzz lightyear... Oh, and these rooms look totally cool side by side. My bedroom. The picture isn't great (taken with my phone) but it's a nice pretty eggplant purple. A color choice that was not made by me. Not vetoed by me either. Just painted by me...Yaaaayyyyy!!!! My stuff! Oh S*&$!!!! Don't hit my deck!!!! This "podzilla thing is driven by remote control once it's off the truck. It's a little frightening.

Ok... I'll post more when my brain clears out from all the paint fumes. And when my back can stand sitting up for longer than an hour... I feel old today.

2 reviews:

PADA said...

Wow! Check out the colors. Everything looks great and your paint job is amazing. Congratulations on yur new home.

Jillyn said...

Yahoo! Can't wait to see it!!