Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let the posts begin...

So, while I'm waiting for the nine hundred pictures I took of my little sisters wedding download to the computer - I'll start posting with the three hundred or so I took of the rest of the trip. Be warned some of them are taken with my iphone - so they're not of the awesomest quality. Hopefully this sates the masses for a little while.

The first leg of our trip. Bolt on the itouch and a sleeping Kieran. This is how Braxton looked until......He looked like this! In the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Just as a warning to those with kids. They don't have baby changing tables in the bathrooms, and family restrooms? What are those? Seriously. Huge-a- Stink had to be changed in the gate lobby. Sorry to our fellow passengers. Blame it on Texas. Seriously. (Oh, and I totally loved the polka dotted suitcase in the lower righthand part of the picture)

We arrived in Pheonix with no real mishaps or delays. There was a twenty minute delay while the de-swine flued our connecting plane that had just come in from Cozumel. No big.

Then the fun began...

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