Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smart Ass

The most wearing thing about my oldest son lately, is his propensity for back talk. Oi. If only I had known how frustrating it was to my mom - I so would have never, ever done it. Ok... I would have done it less. I am beginning to realize that he back talks because he's smarter than his dad and I. It's completely exhausting. Case in point:

Me: "Braxton, please do not help me pack this box. I will get you your own box to pack."
B-rox: "mom, you go get your box to pack. I'm going to pack this box - so go away."
Me: (completely exhausted with it, but putting on a stern mom look anyway...) "Braxton Xavier - are you back talking me?"
B-rox: "No, mom, I'm front talking you."
Me: (Stern Mom look shot to hell now, lips quivering with the effort not to laugh...) "Braxton, DO NOT speak to me that way. Do it again and you will not get any boxes to pack!" (Then I walked away to laugh out of site and write it down...)

Oi vey.

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