Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some randoms...

Some photo documentation of the trip that is un-weddingish. A pretty poppy. It was so orange and happy, I had to stop listening to the people that were talking to me and take a picture...A cactus. Cacti were a huge hit with the B-rox. Driving to my sis's house from the airport this is what we heard:

B-rox: "there's a cactus, there's a cactus, there's another cactus..."

Me: "Braxton, what do you think about the cool palm trees?"

B-rox: "Yeah, thats cool. There's a cactus, there's a cactus, there's a cactus...""OOOOOOOH A BIG BIG HUGE CACTUS." The engine. Where men gather to think.

Man on a cliff. Or - if you're me - Daddy on a cliff. Hi dad! His propensity for this activity always makes my mom gasp. It was hilarious when I was younger.

Feeding dad some Cerretta's Chocolate during some down time. We went to the Cerretta's factory for a tour - but left early when Braxton got angry he couldn't hear over the hundred and fifty fifth graders. The one thing that is going to save me from having to get a dog. This face. This is what Braxton looks like after about fifteen minutes in a house with a dog. Swollen, splotchy (he still has the remnants of a rash from head to toe...) and incredibly uncomfortable. Poor baby. Awesome post swim hair. Morkupine Porcupine. I know this makes Uncle Sneaky uncomfortable to see - but Braxton wore my shoes for an entire twenty-four hours (minus sleep time). I thought it was cute...

Alright. I'm off to fold some post-vacation laundry. All 49 lbs of it.

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