Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving. Oi.

For those who have been settled nicely in their cozy little homes for five years or more - I kind of hate you right now. Here's why:


2.3.Yes, that is an air mattress. No, we don't make the bed. Is there really a good reason to? I'll send you five dollars if you can give me a good reason. Since it's my blog I'll decide wether it's good or not.


And my closet. Both of my dressers were loaded over the weekend, and my nice neat folded piles were attacked. I'll give you three guesses as to whom did the wrecking... Oh to have drawers again...

5. In the last three and a half years Mark and I have moved (including this move) five times. Yes you read that right. Five. For the doubters here they are in order:

Corvallis to Corvallis. 1337 to 1229. Not the hugest jump - but its a move and they suck. (oh, I also didn't include any of the things like from the dorm to the manor, manor to apartment...)

Corvallis to Alexandria. Finding apartments online blows. We arrived and signed a Lead paint waiver. We hit the jackpot there, eh?

Alexandria to Pittsburgh. Six months of small town awesome. The birth of my second child. A roommate not suited for the hormonal mess that is pregnancy. New construction that uprooted many nests of Brown Recluse spiders. *shuddering just thinking about it*

Pittsburgh to the "Greater DC Area". Home. For what we thought was the forseeable future. Then summer hit and we couldn't use the pool...

Greater DC Area to Greater DC Area down the road. Our first home. It's beautiful, it's ours and we can't wait. We're SO not moving for at least three years! (Hear that US Navy?)

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