Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cooling Off

Other than a much needed trip to Target for some benadryl for my allergy ridden oldest, our first activity was the pool. Enjoy. She is going to completely kill me for blogging these but... This is my gramma on the slide. The BEST slide pics of the whole afternoon. Mostly because of her facial expression. And gramma's feet. Awesome. Kirk. It looks like he was dropped out of the sky rather than went down the slide. He's standing straight up in the water... weird. Desirae. Blake. How much water do you think he swallowed with his mouth open like that?
Braxton's favorite sport of the day. Jump off the diving board into daddy's arms. Rinse and repeat.
Kieran behind the safety fence. He wasn't really into the whole pool thing. He played in the dog water instead.
Go Uncle Bub!
The final splash of the evening.
And Chad and Kirk. Being teenage weirdos. Different pool episode, but it fit with the theme.

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