Thursday, June 25, 2009

Outside adventures.

I love being outdoors - I truly do. With a couple of exceptions. The humidity during the summer on the East coast is horrendous. Point-four seconds out of the door and you already have the "between the boob sweat". It's awful. But, sometimes the walls of my house start feeling like they're closing in on us. So the boys and I chug a couple liters of water in hopes we might stave off dehydration resulting from the copious amounts we'll inevitably sweat. Monday was one of those days. All I heard all day was "is it time to go pick daddy up yet?", "Mom, when are we going to go get daddy?". I was going bonkers. So, we did the ritual chugging of h2o and headed out to the neighborhood playground. It was fun - minus the boob sweat.
They were baking me a "diet cake". Apparently I need to lose some weight. Today - we will be at the pool. Oh thank goodness for kiddie pools.

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