Friday, June 5, 2009

To interpret like a three year old.

Last week my mother in law, Peggy came to help us move. When I say help, I mean without her I'm pretty sure half of my stuff would still be at the old rental. She was fabulous to say the least. One of the occasions I said goodbye to my beautiful children to go and paint, I asked B-rox to give me a big smackin' kiss. Only he interpreted it to be "big smack 'n' kiss". I giggled and sealed the deal. His favorite way to say goodnight, or goodbye is to give me a big smack 'n' kiss.

This same child is upstairs laying down for an early nap (Kenny as his 18mos check up at his normal nap time) and is giggling hysterically. Seriously - uncontrollable laughter. I went up to check and see what kind of mischief he's getting into and found him in his bed. That was surprise number one. Surprise number two was he's nearly asleep. The final surprise was when I asked him what was going on he told me he was laughing about Quack, the duck from "Peep, and the big wide world".

The other two avian's who make up the trio are Peep, a baby bird and Chirp, a baby chicken. The duck is, to be kind, a little soft in the head. Hilarity (at least to a three year old) ensues.

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