Saturday, June 13, 2009


Bugs, for the most part, don't bother me. Unless they come in my house. Then they die. I'm not a catch and release kind of girl. Sorry. If you want to be in my house you must only have and use two legs.
Two weeks after we move in we have guests.

That is an ant bait trap thingy. I have about four hundred set along where they are coming in.

Oh, and this was taken on the SECOND floor of my house. These guys must be seriously hungry. Or, were, rather. They're dead now. *cue maniacal laughing muahahahahahaha*

And for a different kind of ant, this one is for you Aunt Bop. Braxton busted out "that's what she said" on the drive home today. I don't remember what it was in response to - I was driving after all - but it made me laugh and make a mental note to tell you about it anyway.

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