Monday, June 8, 2009

My apologies...

for lack of bloggage lately. Frankly, I've been exhausted. But I won't tell you about how pitiful I've been. I had a ladies night last night and feel rejuvinated. No kids, good food and good convo will do that for a girl's mind. Anyway, I'm apologizing because my kids have been cute, and totally blogworthy lately - I just haven't brain catalogued in the "blog this" section. Which means it flys out of my head as soon as I see something shiny.

However, rest assured there will be pics, stories and more coming here very soon. The boys' rooms are just a hair away from being finished - and I can't wait to show everybody what I've done with them! You'll just have to give me a tad more time.

Out for now. Be back soon.

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