Friday, September 10, 2010

Tooting Some Tidbits.

Things around here have been pretty busy.  To catch you up, I'll spout some of it at you.

*Braxton still thinks vagina is Spanish for pancake.  He felt the need to inform some random strangers of this the other day.
I may still be blushing from this event...

*I've done some family pictures lately - and while I don't expect to shoot for National Geographic anytime soon, I think they turned out pretty well.  

Dog butt.  
*If what the docs are saying is true - I only have about 12 weeks left in this pregnancy.  
This scares the holy living batshoot outta me.  I am SO not ready for this.  So, I've been trying to organize/purchase everything needed for this fetus to become not a fetus.  
Today we ordered his diapers, and yesterday I bought his first Christmas present.  If nothing else, he'll have a place to poo and something to cuddle with.

*Football season has started.  Does anything else need to be said with that?

*Yesterday I went to the DMV.  I'm pretty sure the show "Reaper" had it right.  It's a portal to hell.  The lady I dealt with was, to put it politely, a complete bitch.  She made it even harder for me to part ways with my Oregon license.  I only cried a little bit that morning... 

*My runs have slowed down, and gotten shorter.  Because the fetus, Zore, has begun to rebel against the jiggling.  I need a support belt.  But for some reason I thought I'd be able to find a cute one.  In my online perusing, I found this to not be the case.... 
However, when a "good" day means I hit 3 miles in forty minutes, I know I need some help.  If anybody out there knows of a good belt to keep the fetus jiggling to a minimum, I'd appreciate the info.  

*We made it through the first week of school.  By first week, I mean the first three days.  Thank you school my son attends, for breaking us in easily!  

*No, the name of the baby is not actually going to be Zore.  We aren't releasing a name until the fetus is no longer a fetus.  Nobody can say bad things about the name when it's attached to a tangible human.  
Well, they can.  They'd just be a$$holes.  

*Halloween is coming up, and I've found some pretty awesome Mario and Luigi costumes I think I'm going to get the boys.  Normally I'd prefer to make the costume, but I'm using a pregnancy card, and saying that it's just not gonna happen this year.  

*Next week marks a quarter-century on this Earth for me.  If I didn't keep forgetting about it, I'd probably be excited.  

*Today I wore my pre-pregnant, skinny jeans - and buttoned them.  AND had no problems breathing or feeling squished.  Take that third trimester!  

And with that, I'll leave you with Dr. Deputy.  He can sew up your GSW and arrest the jackahomo who shot you!

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Rochelle said...

You might be able to get Tricare to pay for a belt...I heard through the grapevine that was possible!

Yay for football season and temporary fetus names - our friends just had their "Cletus." (Now known as Ryan). :)