Thursday, September 30, 2010

Box Car Boys

Was that a book series?  Akin to Nancy Drew?  I don't remember...

Ahhh, rainy afternoons.  How your hours creep ever so slowly by...  
This afternoon, I had a fix: 

B-rox in his "hemi 'cuda".
Or, as he calls it - Haikuta

And Kenny in his Corvette.
Then, it stopped raining so we could go for a test drive.

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Mrs. Wookie said...

It was the "Box Car Children."

And my birthday list if as follows:

flexible cutting boards
steak knives (we only have 4 - somehow)
Baby Mama (I think wook's getting this for me)
a great job I Love (good luck!)
I'd be game for InStyle subscription (Runner's World is out, I nixed my Cooking Light because I fell outta love - but I'm keeping Real Simple)
Yoga DVD/CDs
You to come visit me/then come run a race with me (w/o bun in oven)

And for Christmas from you, I want an updated family pic (5 total). Thanks. :D