Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm sure he learned it from me...

Yesterday we took the boys pumpkin patching.  (No, no pictures this post).

The first day of one of the states' most anticipated fall festivals.  We showed up and were stacked into a parking lot by a bunch of family 12 year olds and their dads.

We pulled in, then the car next to us pulled in.
She very quickly opened her door.  But didn't get out.  She sat there, and organized her purse, put on sunscreen, then contemplated the meaning of life.

We waited, however, the boys were getting quite impatient with the waiting and Braxton wanted to know why we weren't getting out of the car.
I said "because this lady..." and then let the sentence trail off before I said something mean.  (I am trying to be a good influence)

Braxton chimed in with "must be a genius, obviously".

Yes, I'm sure he learned it from me.

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Em said...

That is AWESOME!