Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thor and Mohawk Warrior.

Wednesday night we took the kids to the county fair.

We did the usual, eat old fashioned ice cream.  Funnel cakes.  Lemonade.

Watched a demoliton derby. 
And then went to Wal-Mart.
Wait - what? 
That's right. Wal-Mart.

We had to get a home for these guys:

Meet Mohawk Warrior

And Thor.

All the way home last night I heard "Mom, drive carefully.  We have special pets in the car."  "Mom, watch where you're going - we need to get these guys home safely."

The thing is, I'm stressed out of my mind about these things.
I don't want to have another death conversation.  The last one is still taking it's toll on my brain.
Unfortunately, I don't think Thor is long for this world.
I could be wrong.  Goldfish have been known to do some weird stuff. But I know it's not normal for a goldfish to not to swim around.  I know it's not normal for it to just roll from side to side on the bottom of the tank. I know it's not normal for it to slowly "glub glub" like it's begging me for help seconds before the Thermal Cleaning goes off.
C'est la vie.  Except, what's the french word for "death"?   Because it's more "c'est la death".  

We officially have pets.  Hopefully they fare better than plants in my house...  

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Anonymous said...

time for a dog! But congrats on making a first step into the pet kingdom

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

It might just be stressed. Did you buy any anti stress water treatment? That could help. But in general it can be hit or miss when you buy the goldfish from the store. Adding aquarium salt (one tablespoon per gallon) can help with a stressed or sick fish too.

My advice to avoid the death convo is that goldfish need 10 gallons of water per fish to keep from poisoning the water with their tendency to be messy. Plus 25% water changes every week. (I do 50% every two weeks because I have two fish in a 30 gallon tank).

Feed once a day and keep a big enough tank with clean water and they can live for YEARS.

I wish you luck my friend.

Christine said...

I can't tell you how long I laughed at this post...LOL

Christine said...

Totally spit out my coffee reading about the fish! LOL