Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I haz no phone, but I haz the interwebz.

Excitement in our 'hood!

I'm still waiting to hear from Mark, but my guess is that he's ok.  The boys and I are fine - though it did make for a rather exciting lunch...

We were in Red Robin, when I felt the "a truck is going by" rumbling, that lasted longer than a truck going by would.  Since it felt like it was building, I told the boys to get under the table - to protect their noggins, in case the Three Stooges above them felt like careening from their place on the wall.
I ducked over the baby.

We made it through.  Though, a couple of the TV's in Red Robin did not.

We've had some minor damage/disruption here in the love nest, but nothing serious.

As soon as I figure out a way to get a hold of Mark, I'll update here for y'all.
 {Just got a hold of Mark.  He's not trapped under a beam.}

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PADA said...

Glad you are ok. I tried all afternoon to reach K&J without success. Finally, Kev emailed that they are fine. What a day!

UpperBottom said...

ughhh you must've been close! i had to lay over my baby in a tornado this year and it was AWFUL. glad everyone's ok.