Friday, August 19, 2011

In the absence.

In the absence here on the blog, this has been the "happenings".

I had my hair done.
Bliss.  Seriously.  Bliss.

4 hours later, here's a car picture.
It doesn't do it justice.
I'm blonde again.
With a bit of "GO BEAVS"
Because it's almost football season! 
Brotherly love has continued to blossom.

Holdeezy sleeps in the crib now.
Though, still wakes multiple times a night.
Baby steps.  Baby. Steps. 

Aunt and Uncle Sneaky made the day with new
Superhero shirts.

The baby took to eating glue.  Because he heard
sniffing it could stunt your growth.
We ate one of the best eggplants ever.

I met new friends on a run.

Fell in love with the state park down the road a little more.
Sunrise run along the beach?
Yes, please.

It's been confirmed that he's in the running for
"Worlds happiest baby in the history of the world".

We made our own water cycle.

Which gave us two days of discussions on:
Food Chains.
Water cycles.
Thank goodness for Science Experiment books! 
It's been fun 'round these parts.

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