Monday, February 8, 2010

Promises, Promises.

Ok. I've scrubbed, painted and finished many odd jobs around the house this weekend. Why? Because we're trapped. In case you don't watch the news, or have facebook, or twitter or something of that nature, the Washington D.C. area was hit with "The Storm of the Century". To be honest I figured the storm right before Christmas, that dumped 24" on my doorstep, and roof, and driveway, and deck, and the roads... you get the idea, was the storm of Virginia's history. Turns out - I was wrong. We got 30" during the 30 hours of snow Friday/Saturday. We are trapped.
They aren't even planning on fully plowing the roads until after the next storm to hit the area. Which is supposed to arrive tomorrow. So, we're trapped until after Wednesday sometime.
So, my goals for today are to seperate the meat we bought from Costco and freeze it, then spend some time blogging.
*The Snowmageddon
*Some awesome stuff with my way cute kids
*Maybe some random stuff?
*The backlogged:
+New Years
So, I'll get to that. Probably. My nook came last week - and spending a day on the couch being un-productive sounds good, too.
You're in luck though. Tomorrow looks pretty empty as well.
Until later...

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