Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One thumbs up was all I needed.

Since it's inception, or at least my learning of it's inception, I have been intruiged/in love/wishfully pondering roller derby. More specifically, becoming a roller derby girl. I used to roller skate ALL the time. I could do awesome stuff on skates. Skating and hitting people, seemed even cooler.

But, I learned of roller derby in college - and did not have time to join a league.
As you all know, I got knocked up in college. People generally frown on pregnant women lacing up and smashing their bodies into other bodies. (Even though, that's probably how they got there...) So, roller derby has been a well guarded secret in the "Mommy McD Files".

Until a few months ago...

My bestest, Mrs. Wookie, started stalking a random strangers blog. Ashley, of The Accidental Olympian.
I began following as well. Though, not anonymously as bestest did. I'm rogue like that.
She has been regaling {that's spelled right, right?} us with tales from her journey of becoming a roller derby girl. POP! That was the lock on that particular Sarah File being blown, just FYI.
The longing began again.
So, I mentioned to hubband. Not a great reception there.
I mentioned it on facebook. Not a stellar reception, though, I did get a teeny bit of encouragement.
Then, Today I mentioned it to Ashley. She said "DO IT". In big capital letters, just like that.
We're going to be derby comrades.

Once my race is over - I believe I will join a league. Or try out. Or however it works.

Quick note: We watched "Whip It" last night, and since then - hubband is more receptive to the idea of a derby wife. But, my guess is that it's because he think's Juno is hot.
Which she is.
Even pregnant.

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Ashley, The Accidental Olympian said...

YES! Now that you publicly announced that you are going to suit up after your race you are bound to do it.

I'll even say it again, DO IT!!!!!!!

If your hubby was interested in Whip It, I suggest Hell on Wheels next.


It is a documentary about the team that is behind the movie Whip It. The team in Austin that started this whole shebang.

I am seriously thrilled for you. You are the second person who has decided to try roller derby after reading my accounts on my blog.

My recommendations are;

1. Get skates that feel comfortable, not the ones that are cute. Also, don't let your coach buy them for you. I did that and my right foot is STILL paying for that one.

2. Stock up on derby socks. Not because you need them, but because they will make you happy.

3. The first time you bout, wear nylons UNDER your fishnets. This will prevent fishnet burn. Rookie mistake.

4. Stock up on advil. You'll need it.

5. Buy something like this, http://www.amazon.com/Body-Glove-90174-Breathable-Neoprene/dp/B0019D7XLQ. Your feet will thank you.