Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Revenge of Snowmageddon

December 19th brought a big ol' storm 'round these here parts. The biggest shopping day of the year, Super Saturday, wasn't. At. All. At least, around the greater Washington DC area. We all spent that Saturday shoveling ourselves out of our houses.
And, if you were like me, spent a great deal of time laughing at how ill-prepared this area was to deal with a great dumpage of snow.
But that's because I'm from Small Town, U.S.A, where they generally recieve a great dumpage of snow. We all know the adage: "Practice makes perfect." Which is something this area does not have.... but that's a post for later.
Anyway, me and my trusty camera device captured the same thing that every associated press photographer did over the weekend. Snow. "Revenge of Snowmageddon", aka: "Storm of the Century" to be exact.
Except my pictures are cuter, because my kids are in them. Well one of them. Somewhere along the way in the gestational process, Kenny grabbed onto the "F! That's cold, get it the Heckawayfromme!!!" gene, and hates being in the snow. Pretty much screams the whole time.
Mark and I have decided he'll be our hot chocolate maker while the other three of us are out snowboarding. Once we move back to the PNW and actually have mountains to do such an activity on...Trying to dig himself out of the hole he fell in.He learned pretty quickly that the best way to traverse is to skim on top. Sneak attack snowball. His next words were "what the hell?". Don't worry. We've quashed that.Three hours before it stopped snowing - this is where it was. Shoulder high, on my 36" son. We were trying to condition him into believing snow is awesome. It didn't work.The poor souls who street parked. Many lost mirrors. These are the lucky few. Oh yes, those are full sized trucks, and SUV's completely buried. It took me 30 minutes of shoveling to find my car...The "Anatomy of a Throw".The next day we went sledding. The sun was out and it was beautimus. Had a blast! Until Kieran started crying - when he got snow in the face.

This is the burm after we started to dig out. Not the best angle, but it is twice as high as the B-rox.

***Since starting this post, less than an hour ago - the second storm this week has already dumped an inch.

Mark has been off work since Friday. Today is his fifth day of his "weekend". I don't expect him to return to work until next Tuesday. 11 days off. None of it counting against his leave time. Amazing.

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