Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Name Game.

Naming Braxton was extremely difficult. The story I'm about to tell, hasn't been told before and may scare away many readers.

Or, you can just feel free to make fun of me in the comment section. I'm easy going like that.

We looked at names for forever.
Mark wanted Wahoo. No, I'm not joking. Wahoo Delanoe McDaniel. He said "That's a strong name to give a boy". I took over naming from there... with a little veto power given to the hubband.

I wanted Elias. Veto.

I wanted Aiden. Veto.

He wanted Roderick. Veto.

He wanted Wahoo. VETO VETO VETO.

I wanted Finnigan. Veto.

Eventually we settled on Braxton. Believe it or not - he was NOT named after Braxton-Hicks contractions. Common misconception.

The middle name proved to be even tougher. In my family, middle names usually have some significance to family relations. Ross, Lee, Michael... So, the first name I turned to was Hubband's. One of my favoritest names ever. Andrew. Braxton Andrew McDaniel. I was set.

Turns out - Hubband doesn't like his middle name. Though, he thought the initials BAM would be awesome. For weeks we couldn't decide on a middle name.

One day we were sitting on the couch (and by couch I mean futon. Because we were domestic like that. And by domestic I mean poor) watching X-men. The original.

**Little note I should have mentioned earlier: Hubband and I thought it was way awesome we were about to name a kid a name with an X. Because that is uncommon, and we are slightly uncommon folk.**

Anyway, back to the movie. In case none of you are as nerdy as us. X-men rule. Especially when one Sci-fi hero does a crossover. Sort of.
Jean-Luc Picard's character is named Xavier. (Hence, X-men... get it now?)

After listening to this, I started thinking about how cool it would be to double Braxton's awesome factor.

Braxton Xavier. It had a ring to it. Two X's surely had to make him an official X-man. So. Braxton Xavier McDaniel he became.

Our own official X-men. or is it man? I'm confused as to what to do here... help me out folks.

We haven't told this story because we know certain people who would heckle (will heckle) us if they knew.

The other day Braxton was watching a super hero cartoon and the X-men made an appearance.

Braxton's exact words were "Mom, it is so way awesome that the X-man has the same name as me".

Someday we'll explain that this was NOT a coincidence.

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EMac said...

You guys are such NERDS!