Monday, March 1, 2010

Full Hands.

As in, my hands are full. With a little smartass boy.

Conversation at lunch:

Me: "If you could be a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?"

B-Rox: "Mom, that's dumb. Only girls think things like that. I'd be a dinosaur, with a long tail. Because that's interesting."

Me: "Oh."

School is teaching him sooooooo much.

It also happens to be teaching him spanish. Which he loves. It's his second favorite day of the week, aside from share day.
Last week we had construction workers in our house re-building all the damaged areas. (which, still isn't finished... but I'm not going to rant...) The two main guys happened to be mexican. Gustavo and Johnny.
They were pretty friendly, and were talking to Braxton about the leak.

Gustavo: "Is your house messy because of a leak?"
B-rox: "Yes. Thanks for fixing it. Leaks are No Bueno."
Gustavo: "*Roaring with laughter*"

That is my son. Someday he'll realize how funny he is - and then we're all in trouble.

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