Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brain Matter Leaking. Beware.

I had a post thought out in my brain yesterday. I had it put together, title and all. Except, it was all in my brain.
Except, I don't remember what it was. My brain matter is leaking out of my ears.

Last night Kenny woke up at about 12 am, screaming. Apparently there was a "snake" in his bed.
We patted his back, sung him his lullaby then left, thinking we were in the clear.


15 minutes later, he's up and screaming again.

We gave him a flashlight.

No dice.

I rocked in the rocking chair with him for an hour 'til he conked back out. Laid him down.

No bueno.

Took him out of his crib (yes, he's still in the crib. Judge. I don't care. He's going to stay there until he's doing trigonometry if I have anything to say about it.) and made a bed for him on the floor of his room.


Nothing was calming this child down. Now, at this point it's about 4am. So, we let him cry for a bit. Because I didn't know what else to do.

Blissfully, he calmed down at about 4:30. And by "blissfully" I mean he screamed until his body gave way to unconsciousness.

Then Mark's alarm clock went off at 5am.

I am SO tired. This has caused brain matter to begin leaking from my ears. So if you see me walking around with Q-tips in my ears, know that I've gone critically low.

Once I've restored my brain matter to normal operating levels, I'll post the post I had in my head. That I don't remember. Because my brain is leaking.

Until then enjoy these:
Stories to come when I can remember them.
I do remember that my life was in danger here...
Even after last night, I look at this and totally think it's worth it.

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