Thursday, March 11, 2010

Total Stream of Conciousness.

Cognition 301, was quite possibly, one of my favorite classes in college. Ever. EVER. I knew a girl at the time, who would just ramble on about anything in her brain. When you do that, it's called "total stream of conciousness". I can still remember how insanely excited I was to learn that term.

I do that here, sometimes. Today is another one of those days.

*I am working on revamping the blog. This layout/header have been around for over a year. So, please excuse my dust as I get things going.

*On that note, if anyone out there has any ideas as to a good site to design/buy/steal a new template, I'd appreciate the input.

*The countdown to race day is now T-10. I'm stoked/sick to my stomach/can't wait for it.

*Yes, it is possible to be ALL of those things at once.

*Wednesday nights Mark and I have a class at church. A very wonderful young lady (golly, how old do I feel saying that?) watches the boys in the nursery. Last night, Mark worked until the wee hours of the morning, leaving me to get the boys ready, loaded and to class by myself.
I completely succeeded.... except where I didn't.
I forgot the diaper bag. Woops... Poor Kenny.

*You probably could have gone your entire life without knowing that last little factoid.

*Beyonce's song "Ave Maria" is beautiful. I heard it for the first time in Zumba. Random.

*Monday in Zumba, they announced that if enough people are interested, they would be adding a second Zumba day to the schedule.
I came home buzzing with the news and the first words out of hubband's mouth were "How much is that going to cost me?".
He kills joy. For fun.

*I need Glee to come back on.

*My house is still not put back together. I have not done laundry in my own home for three weeks.
I would like to say thank you to those who have let me run loads in their homes. It's extremely appreciated.

*I'm running out of 'roos again. Damn.

*Pulte Homes gets a great big F- for this one. I've already written corporate.

*A friend on fb recently posted about some stuff he's seen in the locker room that he's not down with.
This reminded me of a few things I've seen, that I wasn't quite down with. Ew.

*I bought a new pair of shoes two weeks ago. I'm already feeling itchy for a new pair. I need help.

And, with that note, I'm off to suck down coffee.

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