Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simon Pegg? Nah, He's Cuter.

Fair warning: This post is long. Just like the race was. At least you're sitting in your chair.
(Ok, technically, I am too now...) That's ME! 8,000 People in the Half, 4,000 people in the full and 24,000 in the 8k. Hot damn that's a lot of people.
Posing in front of the line of 42 elite seats. (There were four other lines at the start and finish and all along the race) Wisely, we visted these pre-race. Well, I actually visited several times. Nervous bladder? Nope, they were warm and not at all windy. They were a refuge. Not sure when I'll ever say that again... Or when I'll ever be jealous of people wearing trash bags. But that morning, I was.

We are Spartan! Or Stupid. But muscle pics at the starting line are a must.

About ten minutes pre-race I stopped and asked myself "What in the hell was I thinking?".
Then we were off.

While we were gone, our PAO Andy Mew, took some awesome pics of the sunrise. And ate Latkes.
We ate Gu. Pretty sure he had the better end of the deal there.

Don't you wish you could be there right then?

2.5 hours later...

Mr. Wookie crossed the finish line. 2:15

Then I crossed the finish line. 2:28. It was about this point when I realized I wasn't quite tired enough, and could have run it again. "Damn. This means I have to run a full." So, I'm adding a full, and another half to my schedule for the year. For the next half I'm going to shave my time down and try to get 2hrs flat. I think it's doable. I ran pretty conservatively and think if I put a little more into it I can get there. Or I'm dreaming. Either way, September 5, 2010; we'll know.

Then Mrs. Wookie Crossed the finish line. 2:33.

Yeah, We're badass.

Squatting. Because it felt good.
Beer. Because it felt better than squatting. And was free. Oh, and don't worry - you're not seeing things. Mr. and Mrs. Wookie aren't giants, I'm just standing in a hole. (ok, not really. I'm fantastically short)

Ahhh. "Rehydration".
We plopped ourselves down in the sand and didn't move for a few hours. Sitting on the beach, after finishing the race, and soaking up the sun had to be one of the best moments ever. I'm not sure I'll ever forget it.
Thanks Bob and Big One for joining this insane adventure. Thanks Mew for being sherpa, support and PAO. You were invaluble.

4 reviews:

McDorky said...

Good job! I am impressed! Can't believe you want to do a full marathon, though!!!

Marilyn said...

yay and congratulations!!! I hope my race is as successful as yours. And if you think a half wasn't that bad then you could totally do a full marathon.

Ashley, The Accidental Olympian said...

CONGRATS! I have serious respect because the only full or half marathons this lady will be doing will be the walking variety!


Sorry. I got excited about your bad-ass-ness.

EMac said...

You are alright in my book. I biked a half marathon today. I know not as bad ass but I am working on getting to that status. Look out France here I come!