Thursday, March 18, 2010


These are the prayers I've uttered throughout the week.
Especially today.

*Please let me not dissappoint bestest with a crappy run.

*Please don't let me forget one of these three children in Target.

*Please help me to remember where I left my sanity.

*Please help hubband choose his family over work, for once.

*Please don't let me die at mile 12.9

*Thank you for this beautiful weather.

*Help me gain the patience to help Braxton learn how to use his indoor voice.

*Help me stay patient with Kieran even when he won't stop whining.

*Please let the powers that be know, Daylight savings time sucks.

*Please be with friend, and make her pregnancy a truly viable one.

*Help us to smash Pulte Homes in the face for trying to screw us over.

*Thank you for this beautiful weather.

*Lead me to a gorgeous pair of zebra-striped-wedge peep-toes, that don't cost over 50 bux.

*Thank you for this beautiful weather.

*Thanks for some truly awesome friends, and family.


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