Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Friday Phone Fun.

Some random awesomeness brought to you via Macintosh. The phone. Because until I sell a few eggs, I'm not getting a real Mac. First off, please don't judge me for the floors you see in this picture. They're awful. This was during re-fixing my house, (which is NOT done) and I wasn't too keen on scrubbing them until it was done.

Secondly, those white things on the bear's back? They're hunks of cheese. No, seriously. Hunks. Of. Cheese. He stole a block off the counter, and whittled it down to those hunks. Which apparently went for a ride. On a bear, on my construction dusted floor. And then they got eaten.
What's a little limestone in the system going to hurt?

My son is very fashion forward. Handy Manny Jammies, soccer shorts "Which are green, mom, so they totally match and stuff". Yes, it does scare me that he already talks like a teenager. What really pulls the outfict together are the UGG boots and the Pluto hat. Season 407 of "Project Runway" here he comes. Maybe someday I'll have someone who can fix my computer. Because right now I'm in a struggle with hubband to let me take ours to Geek Squad. He can't fix it. Apparently that means if another man does, his "pride cape" will be punctured. Again. Silly boys.
This picture gives me hope for the future of my electronics.
Now, if only I could get someone to hang my tv...

This, is completely unsolicited advice. From myself.

It's annoying.

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