Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mean, Mean Mommy.

I have documented on this blog, several times, some of the issues we have getting B-rox to eat.

It has been a battle these last 3ish years.

One that has made me weary, and in many parents' eyes, mean and harsh.

I would go into the details of some of the "rules", but there are many - and I really don't care what anyone out there thinks about them.

They're working for us. (And the five nutritionists, pediatricians and specialists we've seen have suggested them) He eats stuff now. Food that isn't white. HUGE STRIDE. He'll take "no thank you" bites of food now. EVEN BIGGER STRIDE!!! He even requests some of these foods now. That's when we faint.

However, he's a smart kid. When we put up a rule to thwart him, he comes up with a strategy to try and get out of eating.

First it was trying to throw up. I pretty much told him I'd have none of that.
He doesn't try that anymore.

Now, it's "Woops - Mom, I dropped that one singular bite of food you gave me on the floor - and now I can't eat it."

Tonight, I made him eat it.

Look, my floors are clean - especially today. I spent all day yesterday scrubbing my house. He's not going to get rabies, or tuberculosis, or tetanus.

He's going to have to get up pretty early to fool me.

Because, I'm up at five every morning to run.

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Ashley, The Accidental Olympian said...

If he doesn't eat all his you can send it my way.

I'm starving.