Friday, July 16, 2010

A Glimpse From the Other Side.

B-rox had to tag along for all of Kenny's adventures with the ENT. Well, minus the actual surgery day. His gramma came down to take care of him while we were at the hospital. To keep him from getting too bored, I gave him my iphone. He pretty much said "screw these fun alphabet and math apps my mom paid 1.99 for - I'm going to text and take pictures". So, here's photo documentation from Braxton's point of view of our day at Malcolm Grow.

Ah yes, blood pressure machine and hand sanitizer. And a thumb...

A little bit lower... and no thumb!

Instrument tray.

Sink. Handwashing is important. We don't like germies.

In case you can't tell, I shove the stroller into a corner - so not to impede nurses or doctors in their entry and exit from the room. They're generally appreciative. The kids generally get fed up.
Ah, there we are. As you can tell, Kenny is SO happy to be there.

Sneak peak of the doc.

The goods...

A corner in a different room... At this point we were doing pre-admit paperwork and whatnot.
The bottom of the corner. (lucky for him we left a little after that. But it was a long day. And he was amazing the whole time. I'm a lucky mom.)

**These were not taken by B-rox, but I thought it would finish off the post nicely**
Daddy calming Kieran down. He became a little nervous waiting in pre-op. Luckily they had "Cars" stickers all over the wall.

Cars? Okay mom. This place rocks. Especially after the bubblegum scented mask they gave him to play with...

Mom, these narcotics are awesome....

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