Saturday, July 17, 2010

Posting. Like I Said I Wouldn't...

Today was an awesome day. Woke up - went for a run, washed all the cars, ate lunch, took naps, played wii, ran another errand, ate dinner, watched a movie, bed - for the boys anyway.

Random snippets from wii playing.

Kenny (while using my mii, and doing as well as 2 year olds are apt to do): Mom, you're not very good at this. You keep losing.

B-rox: Mom, this game is just pissin' me off. (yes, I laughed. It took me by surprise and I couldn't help myself. I called in the hubband for reinforcements. Don't worry.)

These boys are funny. Next time I'll bust out the video camera so y'all can see Kenny's booty shakin' while sword fighting. It gives him umph... or something.

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