Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Time For....

Another edition of "What's on Sarah's iPhone???????"

It's a doozy folks. So, sit tight. Also, this time - we're working backwards. So first is most recent, last is alllllllllllll the way back in May.

Can you handle it?
Random cuteness. In which the situation (and possibly the B-rox screamed "take a picture").

Lego moustaches. When it would fall off they would scream "I'm going bald - just like poppy and pa hat". Which, had me in fits of giggles.... (Especially since my dad's face is anything BUT bald)

"Mom, I'm too tired to walk up the stairs. Can you carry me like a baby?" Sure honey, when you lose about 20 lbs.

Fountains with J cubed. We do love them so. Unfortunately we don't see them enough. If anyone has a teleportation device in their garage - I'd be willing to buy it from you. No need to deal with craigslist...

The "Phineas and Ferb bedroom". Where they built a "good dinner maker", "sun go away-er", and an "ice cream maker". Hopefully, you understand they're a little too young for a discussion about patents and copyrights and such...

This picture was actually taken after B-rox felt left out, when I took the picture below:
Because those devil's horns poking through could not go undocumented. Seriously.

Kenny's imagination at work. Unfortunately for the tree "it got died". When he cut it down with fingernail clippers.
Oh, and hand sanitizer. No jungle is complete without it.

Rocket ship pillow. But, there was no where to sit on the pillow. So he built a chair. (Rather genius - right?) And that cup? Totally filled with tang. Aka - oj. He was SO ready for space that day.

This stuff creeps me out. This lady was blue hair old and she had all sorts of beanie babies lining her back window. Then she turned in front of me - and she had them in the passenger seat and and front window too. Can you say crazy freaking cat lady? To a Whole new extreme?

Ahh, summer boredom. No childhood is complete without it.

That's both boys. Yes, both of them. It is endlessly hilarious that Braxton "fits" behind Kieran. If you don't think so - get your funny bone fixed.

Yeah. Falling down the stairs hurts. That bump is a good 1/2 inch off of his forehead. I had to resist the urge to call him "Quasimodo". Golly, I'm horrible. Seriously - who thought it was a good idea to give me kids?

A whole new meaning to Barney Stinson's "crazy eyes".

Because sitting in the parking lot rules. Sitting in a handicapped spot in the parking lot rules even more. Eating candy while sitting in a handicapped spot in the parking lot rules the mostest. Leave Jammy alone with him for two seconds to return the cart - and this is what I return to...

Who doesn't love snatching random nose-picking pictures of their kids for future use? I see Senior year slideshow in this one...

He's asleep. I'm not sure I can narrate much more than that. Pictures say 1000 words, ya know.

He was sick. Way massively sick. With the (final) ear infection.


So began the summer of "leaving". Where all my friends leave the area. Awesome right? First to go - the Tomes. Lame.

I'm not even sure - it was too long ago - but he's still cute.

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W: Home said...

You speak the truth! I love when people assume that when mothers stay at home that all they do is sit on the couch eating bon bons. This has always been so amazing to me. Yes the daycare bill for triplets was outlandish and really did not make financial sense at all, basically one paycheck would go straight to daycare with maybe a little bit left over. Thanks for a great discussion. This battle has always been so interesting to me.

Missy said...

Aww that pic of Taylor and Kieran watching Gabba in her empty playroom made me sad a little! Miss you guys!

McDorky said...

Love the pics. Love the Beaver shirts and the old lady car. Disturbing, but at least they weren't LIVE animals.