Friday, July 16, 2010

Cue the Presidents of the United States of America!

Because I don't feel like blogging this weekend - I'm going to blog a little about peach picking. Which was SOOOO much fun. For me. The boys lost their umph for it pretty quickly.

Especially since I started it out by making them stand in the sun looking at "awesomeness". But they are pretty durn cute.
They were in awe of all the trees. It was nice to spend a little time "out in the country".

Braxton loved it. However, I let him pick whatever he wanted to pick - so we have some pretty green peaches. I'm praying they ripen. Otherwise it's "fried green peaches" for dinner some night...

That sequence of pictures speaks for its self. Holding the hat. Not holding the hat. Buhbye hat.

The only smile from Kieran the entire time. Next time? DO NOT GO AT NAP TIME IN 95 degree heat.

This is how he spent pretty much all of the trip. Love, love the attitude. Very gangsta.

He did pick one... one. Just one. Because I made him.

Oh, I guess Kieran smiled twice. Again, because I made him. Do you know why I'm smiling? Cobbler.

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