Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Suggestions - Please?

I need a blog makeover (in case the mayhem that opens up on my page wasn't enough of a sign).

However, these three things stand in my way:

1. I'm almost computer design mentally slow.  (I was going to use the "R" word, but ever since that actor guy from "Scrubs" was on the Bonnie Hunt show blasting people who use it - I'm afraid he's going to show up and beat in my skull if I do)

1.  I don't know where to begin - or what direction to go in.  Obviously - I should try to stick with the "theme" of the blog.  (If you don't know it take a look at the title)

3.  Hubband does not like spending money on things such as this.  So, to keep my shoe habit happy - I try to appease this.

Does anyone have any suggestions/advice to help me?  I need help.  Badly.

I was just about to push "publish post" - then realized that I numbered those points 1,1,3.  I, apparently, cannot count.  Now, I know why calculus was so durn hard. 

3 reviews:

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian said...

They did my header and I LOVE them.

I am sure if you give them a budget they can do something for you on the cheap.

I spent about 150 for the header and work tweaking a Typepad format to work with my site better.

They are super lovely and amazing.

Mrs. Wookie said...

What if we phuck with it this weekend? I'm pretty sure between our 2 brains, Google, and a bottle of wine, we can figure it out.

I'll need to change mine too. But that comes the other coast.

I'm shorry for leaving you too. It's up to me. But thank goodness we're getting outta here. I'm over it, lol. The humidity that is...

Nurs E said...

Once I figure it out then I can teach you. I can do some coding, but each site reacts differently to my lame abilities at HTML!