Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gene Kelly, Donald O'connor, and Debbie Reynolds.

Yesterday brought rain and reasonable temperatures. Because 87 is "reasonable" when you've just had a week of 100+ temps. We so jumped out side and took advantage of some natural vitamin D.Yeah, I don't even know either. But I often find his antics hilarious. His face coupled with the jammie top, diaper, and sandals, was just too much. (Btw. He's wearing a g-diaper, and I love them. Tons. If you're expecting - or hope to be expecting, or have a baby - look into them. Please. They're good for your baby and the planet.)

Braxton didn't want to "ruin" his hair. So he put on his pirate raincoat. Which doesn't actually cover his hair. He also played with a hockey stick.
And then pouted when we explained that "high sticking = penalty box". We laughed and cackled too, because ruining their fun is awesome...

Kieran, being a superhero-firefighter for me. While B-rox punches him in the head. Brothers are awesome.
Which then brought on this:

Kenny: You're the bad guy.
B-rox: No, you are
Kenny: No, you are
B-rox: No, you are

It was nice to get out and just have a few silly moments.

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