Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Like a Regular Bike - But You Recumb In It!

Again.  Something no one is going to get.  Unless they were at the Second City Mainstage on Tuesday July, 20th in Chicago.   

It has nothing to do with the following post.  

In this house, we like forts.  Big ones.  Because apparently we somehow inherited a "Texas Fort Gene".

This is my dining room table.  Three feet out from that are my chairs.  Covered in every quilt (almost) that we own.  I'm happy to say that I made 2/3's of them.  Go me! 

A view from above... Massive fort indeed.  Because it's hot as hell outside and being out in it makes me sick.  Like heaving, passing out sick.   This is the point where I ask myself when in the heck did I become such a weeny?  

"The bedroom" portion of the fort.  The hardwood was the "eating spot" portion.  My knees haven't been this sore since I was on crutches and refused to use them indoors.  Thus bringing me to my knees.  Literally. 

Dinner that evening was, without a doubt, spent in the fort.  As a special fort treat we had pizza.  Costco pizza.  My fave.  Because Woodstocks is not on this coast.  However, The boys did not like coming from the cave.  Casting me as their "pizza wench mommy".  This is them demanding (and by demanding I mean asking politely because neither of my children are named Mowgli) more pizza.  

Yay for record breaking summers.  Only, it's a little bit of a sarcastic yay.  Ok, a lot a bit of a scarcastic yay... 

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Mrs. Wookie said...

The RnR LA this year is in Oct - which makes me think that it'll be in the same time frame next year. Let's arrange something for it.

Lindsay said...

You need to take pictures of your kids in front of that blue wall. It would look awesome. For some reason blue backgrounds like that look great in photographs. Try to do it with all natural light if you can.