Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking on the bright side.

Lately the boys have been taking their baths in Mark and I's bathtub. More splash room, deeper tub, and jets all make for a more splendiforous bathtime. Well, this evening we had a pretty close call. One of my flat irons was on the edge of the counter by the bathtub (its normal resting place - it's not supposed to be, but who has time to straighten everything up after every use?) At some point during the time after we pulled Kenny out of the tub, and before Braxton came out, the iron was turned on. As Braxton was getting out he dumped the thing in the tub. I'm thanking God that he wasn't in the water. In case you were wondering what happens to an appliance that is on, when it is dumped in the water, I have photo documentation.

It fries and explodes. No joke. I don't reccomend trying this one at home.

Had he been in the tub, things could have been alot worse. So while I don't have a flat iron now, I still have my kid - and I'd choose that one a bajillion times over.
I've learned my lesson - I'll unplug my appliances after each use.

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