Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gingerbread Houses!!!!!

We had our good buddies, Jill and Joey, down to make gingerbread houses this afternoon. Braxton amazingly didn't eat like any of the candy 'til it had been put on the house! We had alot of fun with these. Thankfully the kits really were easy to assemble (I totally won't tell them how long it took us to figure it out Jill!) and the frosting tasted pretty good. Anyway, here is finished product:
Here is Braxton's... there is a story behind my "diminished capacity" gingerbread man... I just don't feel like posting it right now.
This is J&J's house. Theirs has lots of insulation. Aka frosting.
Braxton, after a complete meltdown, standing nicely for me behind his house. Too bad I was too brain fried to make sure the house was in focus too....
And Braxton and Joey are so good for us, they take turns with their meltdowns. I'm pretty sure Joey started hers about four and three quarter minutes after Braxton finished his.
Hope that headache's gone Jill!

2 reviews:

Jillyn said...

Oh that picture is too much!!! We did great until the last twenty minutes! Maybe rock band and two year olds don't mix!! We had a ton of fun! (even if the pic says different!!)

Meggie said...

The party is on the 13th. It's going to be super fun (in a not-so-fun kind of way).