Friday, November 28, 2008

Ye Old Christmas Tree...

So, now that all the turducken has been eaten, the mandatory maimings for black friday sales have happened - we can put up our christmas tree. And we did. Because of the high price of real ones, our tree is fake - but you can't tell unless you look closely. (We spent a bit more the first year, so we wouldn't have to give away a son every year to be able to buy one.) So we pulled it out of the garage, and assembled it (still looks pretty fabulous for its third year in a row!). And then had the boys "help" us decorate. Yes, they helped about as much as anyone could imagine a one year old and a three year old helping decorate a christmas tree. But, its the spirit of things and all that. This is the end result:

Ok, so you can't see the ornaments... but this is pretty cool. Especially, when I think about the fact that we screwed in every single one of those durn light bulbs... No joke, we really did. For the third year in a row!

And no tree topper. We're still looking for "the one". A Benny the Beaver one would be stupendous. If anyone comes across one - please help me out!!! You'll be my hero for like - ever!

27 days until christmas - as of November 28, 2008

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