Friday, November 14, 2008

Art ala McDaniel Family

So, a cousin of mine blogged about how her girls painted with pudding. I thought it was genius -even though I think pudding is gross. (Thanks for the idea Lindsay!) So this afternoon we mixed up a batch of vanilla instant pudding. Then food colored some in different bowls. The boys loved it. I loved that both of them got to do an art project, and I didn't have to worry about when Kieran would inevitably put the medium in his mouth. As you can tell it was a huge hit.

This is braxton's masterpiece. It took him an entire hour to get this done. Mostly because he was trying to get every last bit of pudding off of the paper rather than painting. These are kieran's. My favorite is the top one. Cuz it has orange. Duh.

Great great fun. Even bigger mess. Good times.

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