Wednesday, November 19, 2008

*Ahhhh* big sigh with a side of bliss.

This post is for you bob, because I think you might be the only one who cares. Well, maybe my mom... but she's my mom - she totally has to!

But, so that if you aren't bob, and decide to read this - I got my hair cut today. Normally this is a big deal for me because it only happens a couple of times a year. I love going to the salon and being pampered. Love getting my hair washed, love having my hair brushed, combed then blown out. The men at Salon Jon David are fabulous! Seriously. Love them. Anyway, tonight my man of choice was Kristian. Ok, by choice I mean the other two men I go to were booked. Anyway, Kristian was running waaaaaay behind. So, the salon offered me a complimentary deep conditioning treatment along with the shampoo and scalp massage that comes with the cost of the cut. So, I finally get into the chair and Kristian worked his magic. I said - I want a bob thing, and I want the front to be at least this long. That is about all the direction I give these guys when I go in. Cuz, well they're professionals, and my hair grows about an inch a month - so give it a bit and I could start over if I want to. (I usually do because like I said, don't get to do it too often...) Anyway, after a 20% discount I was finished for the night. Oh, SO fabulous. Thanks Kristian!

Not the best pictures... but they are a tad bit better than emo shots.

Happy my dear?

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Ashley said...

Me likey. Not as short as I imagined. But still, loves it.

I have another month before my next scheduled cut. I'm thinking about hovering somewhere around that mark. We'll see.

And like Ru that blow out. ;)