Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rrrring, Rrrrring...

... Uhm, hello Oregon State Defense? Yeah, its your fans. They're wondering if you forgot you are one of the top ten in the nation?

So, Civil War should have been huge last night. In one respect I guess it was. For the Ducks. We set records, oh boy did we set records! We set a new school record for most points allowed in a Civil War game. We also set a new school record for most yardage allowed - almost 700 - in a Civil War game. Just in case you're reading this - and don't know anything about football (Gasp!!!) these are NOT good things.

Not only were we completely embarrassed at Reeser in this game, we killed our hopes of Going to the Rose Bowl this year. Lame.

I will give a bit of credit to the beavs, and say that the refs made two very, very awful calls that - if they had not been made would have made for a VERY different game. The first being the pass interference on an un-catchable ball. ergh. The second being the ref calling the play dead before the player hit the ground - thereby rendering our fumble recovery and subsequent touchdown dead as well. Ergh ergh.

So, it was a depressing game. Not a good way to start a week away from my husband.
Where were you beavers?

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Ashley said...

Ooo...husband-less for a week? When's the party?

Vomit if you'd like. I won't mind. :)

Lindsay said...

I love that you know football. :)