Thursday, November 13, 2008

Super Fabulous!

Yesterday the boys and I went up to visit our cousins Jill and Joey. We had an awesome time. Braxton and Joey get along so well, they play it up - big time. Last night after we got home, when we were getting the B-rox ready for bed he told me "mom, I need to go to sleep because JoJo played with me so hard." He woke up this morning if we could go back and play with them again today. Sorry kid. Today is a jammie day. Anyway, Jill and I have a good time together. Or at least I have a good time with Jill. It's awesome to go shopping with someone who loves just being in the mall as much as I do. Well, yesterday our trip to the mall (to let the kids play on the indoor play ground) netted me a fabulous pair of shoes. Yes, I know I'm crazy for blogging about shoes. But these shoes were just meant to be mine. They were the last pair in the store, marked down like a bajillion dollars, and are polka dots. My favorite pattern ever. Here they are:

Fabulous right?

Thanks for such a great day Jill and Joey!

3 reviews:

Lindsay said...

So fun that you live by Jill. I sure like her. And great job on the shoes. Although I could never pull off heels like that. I'd be like 6'5 with those one.

Rochelle Murty said...

Super cute!!! :)

Jillyn said...

Yeah those shoes rock!! And heck yes I have a good time hanging out with you! Joey asked to see you guys all day today too1 Looks like next week we are going to be coming down.... lets go to the mall but skip the train this time! :)