Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our election evening...

So, today was the big day. The new prez will be announced sometime after I've gone to bed. At this point, I don't even know who is in the lead. I'm not paying attention. I figure the decision has been made by all those who went out there and voted (Don't worry, I voted a week ago!) and I can find out in the morning. So, the boys built a fort this afternoon. Mark had to take the afternoon off to deal with the water heater repair guy. (I have no voice due to my tendency to lose my voice whenever I get the sniffles - so Mark had to do the talking.) Anyway, it was a perfect day for fort building. Nothing but election coverage on TV - no three year old wants to watch that - lots of wind and rain outside and a sick mommy. Perfect time for the boys to have at it.
Its a pretty kickin' fort eh? Private Kenny on his recon mission to "stop the monkey from taking pictures". "Sgt. Army" was played by Braxton and "Army Daddy" was played by Mark. It looks like we need to teach him a lesson in the military services. I think we'll start with "Go Navy - Beat Army".

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