Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

So, for the most part our thanksgiving was fairly low key. We stayed in pj's, watched the parade on TV, then when the boys took a nap Mark played video games, and I did some quilting. Go us. At dinner time, after we had said grace, we were discussing what we are thankful for. So, after we helped Braxton understand what that means (we phrased it - what are you happy for?) we reasked the question. It went as follows.

Me: "Braxton, what are you happy for?"
Braxton: "My birthday and Christmas".

Oh yeah. This boy knows how to be thankful.

On a more serious note, some of the things I am thankful I have been blessed with.

First off, the wonderful man God sent into my life, who happened to be the catalyst for the second and third things I feel most blessed to have in my life - my children. Those three boys complete me. They make getting up in the morning worthwhile for me ( this is saying something - since I am NOT a morning person... 9 am often feels too early).
Of course I am thankful that we have been blessed with many comforts that not all have. We have a wonderful place to live - in a safe neighborhood, where many of our neighbors have become friends. We have a car that is safe and reliable (and easy on the gas). I am also thankful for Marks job. It often frustrates me dealing with the difficult and trying beauracratic system that is the Navy, but truly - it provides us with all we need and many things we just want. It also allows me to stay home with our kids. Something I - most of the time - feel very priveleged to be able to do. Lastly - modern technology - for which if I did not have, I would not be able to talk to those who mean the most to me (and are about four million miles away) on a regular basis.
Thank You God, for the truly wonderful life you have blessed me with.

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