Thursday, May 24, 2012

Patience has run out, apparently.

So, here's a bit of everything, in the way of the iPhone dump.  To let everybody know this blog hasn't been abandoned.  If you could see the schedule we've been keeping - you'd understand.

Toms.  Baby Legs. Shirt worn by all three trolls.
That shirt only gets more true...

What? You don't eat raw potatoes with a spoon?

College friend came to town and spent the day with me.
Newseum wall of 9-11 front pages.
Only a few things have moved me like this exhibit did. 

Love. x3

The day he learned the word "hat".
Yep, cucumber hat.

Cutest angry face ever.  

Uhm... yeah. 

Happy birthday, hubband!
Homebrew kit!  

This is what a wake up from a 1 year old looks like.

Hey big brother.  I see you in there.
Wakey wakey.  

I'm sexy and I know it.
*waddle waddle waddle waddle*

"Captain America plus Deadpool!  I'll always win!"

He's a good dad, you know?  
AND, to invoke Godwin's law - even when there is no conversation....
"Have a little Hitler with your coffee."

Put me in coach!
I'm ready to play!

Love for Chuck the Lion.

Nope. Not water.

Oh  yes.  Coming up on 10 years (Fast, I might add) of togetherness
and I still think he's oh so sexy.  

Funny thing about having a baby brother who is only 10lbs lighter than you.
Don't teach him how to be rough.
It will bite you in the ass.
Or, the nose, as the case may be. 

So far, the only shot of him in his "david beckham" hair.

Totally ready for a day at the soccer fields.

Took hubband car shopping.
Braxton could not shut up about this transit van.
We told him to come talk to us when he's 16. 

I've never been more thankful for the child lock on appliances - than I am with this.

Sam's new thing.  Pretty soon she'll be asking us for one of those doggie wheelchair things...

Like a boss.

Random pizza place in Lemoyne, PA.
Also, some of the best pizza ever.  

Baby spent a day in roos.
Amazingly - no accidents.

Market basket score!
super onsale + coupon = $9
*lesbians clap*

Sidewalk chalk.
Nailed it.

Slurpees.  Skip it. Sidewalk chalk.
Let's kick off summer, beeches.

Sidewalk chalk.
How you know you're doing it right.

Last night B-rox lost his first upper tooth.
His fifth tooth overall.  

And Kenny brushed his teeth!

Ok.  Now - We have one more full week of school and two more weeks of soccer.  
After that, you'll probably have to pay me to shut up and abandon this thing again.  
Hang tight, folks.  I'm not gone forever.

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Anonymous said...

thank you....the boys are growing up fast

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah,

I guess I better bookmark your page again =)