Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I've never been a big homebody.  The yen to adventure, see things, meet people, and do things has always pulled at me.  It drove my mother crazy, growing up.  "Why can't you just sit still?" 

I never could.

Most of the time, I still can't.  Exception: lately, I need a 30 minute nap after the gym.  

However, after a weekend of doing things and seeing people, I wanted nothing more than to just sit still at home.

This was my Sunday night.  I tucked into the series, "Parenthood", brewed some tea (Ok, I'll give credit where credit is due - Hubband brewed tea for me.) Climbed under my couch blankie, and worked on some of my Christmas crocheting.

Aaaahhhh... That's the sound of relaxation.

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