Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hats for everyone!!!

I love zombies.  I do. I love movies about them, books about them, and when I heard about a race where you run from zombies, I loved that too. 
So I signed up with runner buddy.

Thinking maybe, maybe it wasn't the brilliantest of ideas...
Some of the zombies were mondo creepy and gave us the
heebity jeebities. 

Thank you, Capstone Photo, for this rather priceless picture of me
succumbing to the zombie hordes.  

Notice how I'm still caked in mud????
Not the best ambulance ride ever. 

That happened. 

You see, there was a hole in the ground.  A hole covered by leaves.  My foot managed to find it. 
But, the rest of my body didn't.  
Literally.  The runners around me thought I had tripped over, and broken a branch. 

What I really did was break my fibula in half, right above the ankle, and cause hair line fractures in my tibia and malleolus.  

As of this morning, it looks like this: 

It almost looks like a normal foot, as far as swelling goes.
(For those wondering, I'm in a removable air cast, in the hopes that
I'll have a quicker recovery than a traditional cast.) 
 ::sigh:: It's going to be a while before I run again.

There are perks, though.

Like, not standing in line to vote.  (For those that followed the coverage, my county was the county that still had people in line at 11pm waiting to vote.  Still waiting to vote when the new president was announced.  So, truly - not waiting in line probably saved my bacon.) 

And since I can't get up to fill milk glasses, or sweep the floor, I can bust one of these out in a morning. 
Maybe I could turn my busted leg into a profitable thing... Etsy, here I come!!!   

2 reviews:

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, we hope you feel better soon. How are you handling your four angels while you're laid up? And the holidays, oh my.

You poor thing you, how ever will you make it?

Karen said...

Oh no! I must admit though, that is a pretty bad ass picture of your foot. I hope you're feeling better!