Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have to leave in about 20 minutes to pick up the Kenny, but we'll see what we can eek out bullet point style!

*I finished the boys' Halloween costumes.  I cannot wait to reveal the finished products to the world.  I'm not going to lie, they're freaking awesome.  A mark of a good costume, in my opinion, is that people can tell what it is.  You can totally tell they're a turkey vulture and a manta ray.  {pats self on back}

*Less than a week until the Tough Mudder.  I'll be perfectly honest - I'm nervous.  You see, the boys thought it would be cool to see their mom jump over fire.  Their mom thought it would be cool to run a race that was a little different than your normal half-marathon.
THEN I realized that one of the last obstacles is "Electroshock Therapy".  Yes.  They're going to electrocute me.  Hubband and the boys intend to camp out there.  Hopefully they get good pictures!

*This past weekend went by in a blur.  Four soccer games and two photo shoots.  I was flabbergasted when I realized that it was Sunday evening.  So... I turned Monday into a "mental health day".  Everybody stayed home and drank tea, ate vitamin C, and I cleaned.  We all feel a little more refreshed.


One of my photo-shoots netted me a pair of shoes.

Hubband said he'd give me five dollars if I could get this shot:

Which, obviously, I did. 
But what he really meant by five dollars was "you haven't bought a pair of shoes in about seven months.  It's way past due".

So, now I have a new shiny pair of TOMS on their way to me.   (Kenny has this pair coming and B-rox has this pair coming.)  Perfect vacation to San Diego shoes, I think.

*I went shopping today, sans all coupons.  (Waaaay tired, waaaay busy, and shopping on no coffee...)  I wish I hadn't... 

*I have other things I want to say - but I have to go wake Holdeezy up.  So, consider this a to be continued.

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