Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some cheese, Please?

To go with my whine...

I don't have much time to blog and I'm WAY behind in reading the blogs in my reader.  WAY behind.  Hopefully nobody named me President of all that is Awesome and Shoes.  Because I'd be lagging in my duties before I was even coronated.  (Yes, I'd be coronated president.)

Luckily, I think the chances of that are pretty slim...

Anyway, in lieu of an actual blog post with substance, you know, like... words... 

I'll do an iPhone dump!

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!!!
Thanks bestest!
Seriously awesome.
Not awesome?
Trying to figure out where to put it...

Just chillin' at soccer practice...

At Babies 'r' Us, Kenny and I needed to use the restroom.
He made me strap H down in this.
"It's like a little baby rocket ship!" 
Getting ready to help me make
"Decorate your own funny face pancakes".

In his chef hat...

Pancakes before.
They were eaten too quickly to snap a picture of the after.
But there were bananas, apples, icing and sprinkles.
They looked awesome.
And were gobbled, so It's a win.

Fiber optic mohawks.  Who needs cowbells with these things around?

Soccer Saturday. 

Cold Soccer Saturday. 

And, a pancake. 
Yes.  That is a cockatoo on her arm.
Yes. I took this picture while driving.

Mom's sunglasses fit SO well...

I might have the handsomest sons on the planet!

Face paint at a party. 

This girl might be trying to dethrone me as
"favorite girl in B-rox's universe".

A big help.

A little Michelangelo, anyone?  

We bought little pears from the farmers market on Sunday.

He thinks mowing them is pretty awesome.
And it is.

... Until he whittles it down to a small enough size
that he can shove the whole thing in his mouth.
I don't know if I've posted this...
But this is what happens when you let brothers dress brothers.
Then go to the dentist.

Picnic at the park.  The entire dinner, they were quiet.
No joke.
B-rox's words as we packed up?
"Mom, that was just beautiful.  I could just watch the waves for a long time."
That pretty much sums up the last little forever.  Hope you enjoyed watching as much as I enjoyed living it all.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah.

Karen said...

Sometimes, iPhone dumps make the best posts. Great pictures!