Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boston, 2012. Also, a note in how far I've come.

Not literally how far I came.  Because total mileage was big.  Not as big as other road trippers out there, but 1,029.6 miles is quite a few for us.
My parents used to love to go on "drives" and they would make us come.  There were not many things I wanted to do less than "drive" around.  So, I have a bit of a 'dislike' of road trips.  Especially road trips with kids in the car...

But, my kids are pretty awesome and we made it to Boston in about 10 hours.

On the fourth, despite my nervousness about being in a city, by myself, with my three kids - we set out. 
I was pretty determined to make this a really fun trip for them, despite the heat and my nerves.  Oh my poor  nerves.  They had no compassion for my nerves. 

Big giant flag in the Boston Harbor Hotel archway.

We got some pretty good gouge from the concierge at our hotel and managed
to snag a spot about 20 feet away from where the SEAL team parachuters landed.

The boys started screaming, "I love being American! WOOOOO America!"
And garnered almost as much applause as the team in the air. 

Oh, on top of the SEALs, we were in a prime location to watch the USS Constitution do her
once a year turn around cruise, and blast off her canons.

The Coast Guard... trailing along behind the Navy.
Isn't that just like them?
Just kidding.  I love the USCG.  Seriously. 

ANNNNNDDDDD The Blue Angel Airshow.

Pretty awesome Fourth afternoon.

On the Fifth of July, we went to the Boston Children's Museum.
We explored Peep's World.
(If you don't watch that show, you should consider it.  It's one that doesn't suck.)

Hmmm... this one seems "just right". 

I need a rock wall in my house...

Braxton can't be seen because he's at the top.  Three stories at the top. 

Pull the rope, lift the weight.
Drop the weight.
Watch it launch a ball three stories high.
Kieran did this so much his arms were sore the next day.

On the walk back from the museum.
We ate at that restaurant.
DELICIOUS lobster mac.  Oh, yum.  

Just for the bestest.  Who believes I'm Carla Reincarnate.
The food at Cheers isn't to be overly applauded, but, It's Cheers.
How do you pass that up? 

FERRY BOAT. Best $3 spent on the whole trip.
We rode this thing so many times...

1. Smoke stacks that won an architectural award in the background.
2. Duck tour that was more than worth the total $56 dollars spent.
3. Even with the long hair, I'm not sure I've ever seen Braxton look more masculine.
Very Ryder Hudsonish of him. 

WHY this was totally worth the money.  Two kids conked out.
Mommy listening in peace, with a cool breeze, sitting down. 


Skyline from the water.

I plan to stay at this BnB someday.  

Old North Church.

Picking the handsome man up from work on the last day.
A rather Navular picture, I'd say.

A year ago, I wouldn't have been able to do this.  Just going to the mall with the boys had me in fits of anxiety rivaling what the Captain of the Titanic felt  post-colocation with the iceberg.  The fact that I wanted to do this, enjoyed doing this, all by myself, is a pretty big deal.  It looks like I'm getting around to finally being able to handle three kids...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and the kids had a wonderful time. I agree with the kids...love America! I hope the rest of your summer is just as much fun and stay cool.