Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Other summer moments.

A few other takes from moments this summer: 

"I'm a shark, so that means I can swim fast." 

I love that my husband supports my shoe fettish.
I recently discovered that youth sizes will fit women
and didn't hesitate to get myself a pair of ruby red slippers.
That I wore on the fourth of July.

We fought valiantly for 2 hours.
We used 32 gallons of water.
We were unsuccessful in the campaign against the baby.
He lives on.

Lending a hand with a cranky baby and pre-vacation cleaning.

B-rox was leaning up against the wall, eating string cheese.
Holden was imitating him.

Makes you want to puke, right?
I'm not sure a caption is necessary.

Watching tv and eating lunch while I clean the kitchen.

I know, serious mom point deduction.


Smoothies on hot, hot days.  
We're officially halfway through our summer.  That is both a "yay" and "no yay" statement.

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TrishA said...

yuck............I think I'll keep the blasted 80 degrees and thunderstorms we have here. Thanks for the cute pictures Sarah.

And isn't Mark great? He's got multi-tasking down pat, can he come here and teach some of the people I work with a few things...please?

Have a great rest of summer :)